19 and India being framed suspects during interrogation that made weapons fire and threw Molotov cocktails at the avesmhalch Tower
Months occurred in Hebron space multiple terrorist incidents involving shooting events
And throwing Molotov cocktails at the keep, near the village of Beit Fajjar.

The case.
Indicates that the terrorists were firing from the village using improvised weapons and threw Molotov cocktails and after
Then fled by car.

In space
Hebron was built ” than fresh (special investigation team) for dealing with the phenomenon of attempted arouses. Intelligence activities
Adopted that included the use of visible and invisible means, identified several suspects who were transferred to homicide investigation
Spatial investigations. The inquiry uncovered three terrorist cells from Beit Fajjar which included Conn
Car, dune and dune Molotov cocktails.

The suspects were assisting Israeli forces ” to ” Dr. hatm Etzion.  Investigative activities led to hplltam of 19 suspects, including
Minors, residents of Beit Fajjar who India during interrogation of involvement in events and other means. Against
All the suspects were indicted by a military prosecutor’s Office.

Translated from Hebrew