A resident of a-za’ayem, suspected of belonging to the Almoravids and moravitath. She also suspected the insurance fraud laomimullch
The last two weeks made Israel Police intelligence and investigative activity focused and composed, which led
Beginning of Khadijah (hovis) Abu Gaul, resident of a-za’ayem, layer 39 suspected that over the years.
During the last session of the Almoravids and moravitath organization, an organization active in the Temple Mount area which
The outlawed.

Operators of
The Almoravids organization active principally in the old city and the Temple Mount in order to disturb the visitor.
Tourists and Jews the Temple Mount area by riots, threats and harassment of visitors. This activity
Leading to violence, the garden was arrested the suspect several times and was removed from the Temple Mount for
. According to the case, the suspect continued its activities as part of the Organization even after moravitath
The announcement of the execution.

In the framework of
The investigation found that the suspect, who worked as a teacher at a high school in East Jerusalem, in addition to activities
Within the moravitath organization in the websites and social networks, videos & sayings cheerleaders
This type of activity. In addition, suspicion for committing fraud and deceit.
By the corresponding authorities related. The investigators (ימ”ר) Jerusalem, adding
The investigation team that the corresponding authorities representatives, including social security, which the test revealed that the suspect.
The prompt national insurance officials address fictitious residence in East Jerusalem and received
Benefits for her and her children for years, totaling hundreds of thousands of shekels.

Administrative detention
The suspect was extended several times by the magistrates in Jerusalem until 28.6.16. The investigation.

Translated from Hebrew