Is hachrosh participated in the Conference in Frankfurt where spoke about the challenge of building trust and bridge the Arab public in Israel to Jamal hachrosh, mshternnib manages to develop improved police services to the Arab public, Jamal hachrosh, has participated this morning (Sunday) at a conference held in Frankfurt Germany to commemorate 50 years of friendship between Israel and Germany. During the Conference, participated in a Panel on the subject of minorities.

Is hachrosh specify that a role received from internal security Minister MK ardan and the Chief of Police Commissioner Ronnie 212 and stressed that it is a significant challenge. “The initial effort for us is preparing the hearts and trust-building and bridge between the Arab public in Israel to police. The police alone cannot lead intact. Required contribution of authorities, religious representatives, and shapers, and elected officials said.

“Only together will be able to dissolve emotional barriers and make the public, particularly young people in Arab society in Israel. The principal is headed in the next few years will increase civil equality by providing police services to Arab society throughout Israel and increase the number of minority members in the police lines to strengthen the integration of the young men and women in the workforce, “he added.

“40 years of police service prepared me for this important mission. Every morning I ask myself one question and it does last acted significantly and positively affect the future generations? Constant question allows me to continue to act for the public faith “, said Chief hachrosh.

Translated from Hebrew