Policemen and fighters from Defoe rioters who barricaded in Al-Aqsa Mosque and threw stones and objects at the large chohotchohot police arrived this morning (Monday) to secure the visitors on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem
And, after having collected intelligence about a few youngsters who were holed up during the night.
Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to confront the police and regular visits to the site.

The collected stones and barricaded checkpoints to prevent closing the entrance to the mosque.
Beginning with visits in the area barricaded began, some of them masked, threw stones
And other objects at the soldiers. The officers and fighters were professional and John Dafoe off
The rioters. With the last group of visitors exit from the territory of the rioters began throwing stones again and Fireworks directly at the past. The policemen responded with determination and dispersed the rioters. Now preserved in place.

“We prepared for all possible scenarios and the cops.
Worthy of all praise about their activities, “said Jerusalem District Commander, major general Yoram halevy. “We
Invest resources in order to allow freedom of worship for all religions and denominations
In Jerusalem. Continue to run and find a zero tolerance towards any attempt to violate the order.
And status quo and found those rioters. “

Translated from Hebrew