Yaron, the wing man in the Treasury, appointed to the post in place of Jacob תנ”צ rose who retires after 34 years of irothashr
Security, MK Gilad erdan, decided to appoint Yaron, an Israeli Accountant General Division Office
The Treasury computer role, Israel Police recommended by the Inspector, 212, רנ״צ Ronnie thought,
Ebadi-viang tank. It was the first time becomes the Directorate General works for the police.

Israeli, Yaron, Israel Police enlist and is granted the rank of subspecies (תנ”צ). At the end of
His tenure will go back into the General Directorate. תנ”צ Israeli replaces Jacob Shoshana which finishes
34 years of service in Israel and police retire.

50, he graduated with a degree in economics and an MBA from Hebrew University.
The degree also in Israeli public policy from Syracuse University in the USA he serves
Now calculate the Interior Ministry and in the past served as the prison service computer, the Department of Homeland Security, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
And more.

Jacob Porsche rose holds an undergraduate degree in economics and education and an MBA (finance),
Led major projects in Israel. Among other things, analysis and implementation of ERP system in management contracts, salaries and pension funds control systems.
He performed before major positions such as head of the legislature and the Department of Homeland Security and
Supply Department. At the time police began to publish financial statements and were controlled from the control values
Of finance. In the Police Department serving more than 100 police officers.

Israel Police
Is committed to maintaining the rule of law and effective budget management in a manner that is transparent, effective, optimal and
He said the police Chief, Ronnie alshich. “The budget is a means to achieving the business goals and we
Welcome to professional will assist us in achieving אלו״ goals.

Added Commissioner and thanked the Bible by rose 34 Jacob years Israel Police: ״יעקב help to promote
Moves and many reforms in the police budget both in terms of scope and in terms of structure and thus contributed
Law enforcement service.

General, Michal Abadi-viang, thanked the Minister of public security and Police Commissioner on the Commission:
“I’m thankful for the appointment of the General Directorate for the police. Now all security bodies
Computer Department personnel Act of the reinforce transparency and budgetary control in such significant organisations
For the Israeli public. “

Translated from Hebrew