The Ministry of Health physicians have discovered on 27 Shimshon Road (ground floor) in Beersheba a dentistry clinic that operates without a license and under conditions that may instantly endanger the public health.

It is suspected that a man posing as a dentist, by the name of Yuri Bloglasov, works on the premises. The clinic was found to be dirty, with no disinfection as required. Dental care tools are not sterilized, an X-ray machine has not undergone radiation inspection, and there is an absence of medical files. The owner of the clinic, Mark Goldenberg, resisted the inspection and even tried to conceal evidence. The clinic’s owner was summoned for a hearing and did not appear.
A closing order has been issued for the clinic and a complaint has been filed with the Beersheba police.

A dentist impostor and a dentistry clinic that endangers the public