The suspicion of young fighters John pulled a knife during a security inspection. No casualties among lohamimaium (Friday) young Palestinian came to the border inspection at one of the entrances to the cave of the Patriarchs and aroused the suspicion of the fighters instead.

The fighters detained the suspect to a side room to perform rigorous checks when pulled a knife and tried to stab the fighter who performed the inspection. The fighter was instead recognized what was happening, responded quickly and made specific and accurate shooting at the terrorist until disarmed.

The terrorist’s death, a resident of Bani Na’im village in her 20s was pronounced dead later at the scene. No casualties among combatants.

Later came a girl sex 15 blocked Hebron, crusader for the product, and the suspicion of magic in the outposts in place. Searching knife it managinga clearing kidney. She was held for questioning and the circumstances of the case are examined.

Translated from Hebrew