The national program of quality indices in Israeli hospitals publishes this year 19 quality indices for the general hospitals (10 indices), geriatric (4 indices) mental health (5 indices)

It can be seen that in most indices a significant improvement took place in the 2014 data compared to the 2015 data. The hospitals have been conducting procedures of barrier mapping and have been improving the work processes and the quality of care.
The published indices focus on the following subjects:  

Subject in focus

Index description (long)


Acute myocardial infarction

  • Performing PCI within 90
    minutes of arrival at the hospital for patients with STEMI 
  • Slow release aspirin
    following acute myocardial infarction

Acute cerebral infarction

  • Median time from admission
    to the hospital up to performing head CT/MRI in patients who have suffered a
  • Administration of
    intravenous thrombolytic treatment in patients who have suffered a stroke (IV
    rt-PA) within 4.5 hours from the onset of symptoms


Infections prevention

  • Administration of
    prophylactic antibiotic treatment prior to colon/rectum surgery within one
    hour before the surgical incision
  • Administration of
    adequate perioperative prophylactic antibiotics in hip fracture surgery
  • Administration of
    adequate perioperative prophylactic antibiotics in cesarean section


Hip fractures

  • Hip fractures – operated
    on within 48 hours of admission into the hospital
  • Functional assessment FIM
    in the rehabilitation departments following hip fracture – upon admission and


Prevention of venous Thrombosis

  • Performing risk
    assessment of venous thrombosis in patients hospitalized in internal medicine
  • Administration of
    prophylactic anti-thrombotic treatment in hysterectomy surgery



  • Performing nutritional
    assessment of patients within 36 hours of admission
  •  Performing full
    nutritional evaluation within 5 days of hospitalization

Pain assessment

  • Performing pain
    assessment of patients in the first 12 hours of hospitalization


Treatment continuity

  • Repeated Psychiatric
    hospitalization within 30 days of discharge
  • Ensuring treatment
    continuity following discharge – setting an appointment for patients released
    from hospitals to continue treatment within the community
  • Writing a detailed discharge
    summary within two weeks of discharge


Risk assessment

  • Performing risk
    assessment of persons coming to the psychiatric emergency room, who may be
    dangerous to themselves or to others at the time of the examination

Treatment plan

  • A documented treatment
    plan in the patient’s file within 5 days of admission for hospitalization


The Ministry of Health lauds the hospitals for the effort invested in improving the quality of care, and for the administrational attention devoted to this important subject.
This year, for the first time, findings of about 40 geriatric hospitals and all the psychiatric hospitals are being published. The hospitals have made great efforts to report the data, in spite of the great challenges that exist in computerizing the information and its retrieval. 
All the hospitals in the country reported, except the Clalit psychiatric hospitals (Geha, Shalvata and Ha’Emek).
Attached are the program’s findings with comparisons between the hospitals and their classification:
  • Summary of findings by subjects – geriatric hospitals
  • Summary of findings by subjects – general hospitals
  • Summary of findings by subjects – mental health hospitals