Hamas operative, Faiz Masbah Muhammed Atar, 51, was arrested for smuggling funds to members of the terrorist organization in Judea and Samaria by security forces. Atar, who holds a trade permit that allows his entry into Israel, was approached by Hamas operatives to smuggle funds in his shoes through different border crossings. Atar smuggled tens of thousands of euros for Hamas.

An investigation conducted by the Shin Bet reveals that Hamas builds terror tunnel shafts underneath civilian structures, residential areas, and mosques. Additionally, rocket launch sites have also been discovered within civilian areas. Their location openly endangers the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.

Forces also uncovered information regarding Atar’s  family members and their involvement with Hamas. They have been active in digging terror tunnels and involved in activities against the IDF (Zahal). Additionally, Atar’s sons hold Hamas meetings in his home. 

In another joint IDF (Zahal), ISA and Israel Police operation, a second Hamas smuggler, Itallah Ali Abdel Karim Sirhan, was arrested. Sirhan, 37, of Jabaliya, also holds an Israeli trade permit, and was apprehended while attempting to smuggle 10,000 euros for Hamas operatives in Judea and Samaria.

Sirhan has been working for the past several months as a truck driver. The company that employs him clears out sites where Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) have been digging terror tunnels. Sirhan revealed crucial information regarding the tunnels, including their exact locations and different states of construction.

The State of Israel enables thousands of residents of the Gaza Strip to enter Israel every month for humanitarian, medical, and other purposes. Terror groups in Gaza exploit these permits and those holding them to promote their illegal goals, such as the transferring of funds for terror.

By using entry permits to promote its lethal causes, Hamas cynically exploits Israel’s willingness to respond to the humanitarian needs of the Gazan population. Hamas continues to breach Israel’s sovereignty and put the residents of the Gaza Strip at risk. The IDF (Zahal) will continue to prevent Hamas from succeeding in their ends, and will bring those involved in these schemes to justice.