July 4, 2016, it has been cleared for release that the accomplices of the terrorists who committed last month’s lethal shooting attack in Tel Aviv have been arrested in a joint IDF (Zahal), ISA, and Israel Police operation.

On the evening of June 8th, the two terrorists entered Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market, a bustling shopping center and tourist attraction, and ordered a meal at a crowded restaurant. They then started to shoot at the patrons, killing four Israelis and injuring fifteen others.

The two terrorists, Muhammad and Khalid Muhamra, are 21 years old and come from the village of Yatta in Hebron. Muhammed studied abroad in Jordan and returned to his home in Yatta in January 2016. Inspired by the ISIS terror group, the two decided to carry out the terror attack. They were not recruited to the terror group and did not receive official guidance or assistance from the Islamic State.

As part of the operation, forces also arrested Yatta resident, Yunis A’ish Musa Zin (22). In his investigation, Yunis admitted that he planned to participate in the attack, but did not due to technical reasons. He also admitted to providing the pair with the weaponry used in the attack. The suspect handed over a Carl Gustav rifle to the forces.

During their investigation, the two terrorists admitted to planning the attack as early as January 2016. Their initial plan was to carry out an attack in a train carriage full of passengers. It appears from their investigation that they only chose the location on the day of the attack.

The perpetrators entered Israeli territory through a gap in the security fence in Hebron. They were driven there by Salim Mugnam, a 23-year-old resident of Yatta who was also arrested. After entering Israeli territory they stayed at a hideout used by illegal residents for several hours. From there, they set out to Tel Aviv.  

The weapons that the two used in the attack were Carl Gustav rifles, improvised guns that were manufactured in local workshops and acquired from illegal weapons manufacturers from their hometown of Yatta.

As part of the investigation, 10 more residents of Yatta were arrested under suspicion of involvement in the manufacturing and trade of the weapons and in coordinating the transportation of the two terrorists into Israel.