The Knesset (Parliament) Finance Committee has unanimously approved a transfer of NIS 220 million from the Jewish National Fund (JNF) to the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP). This, as a result of a Nov. 2015 agreement between the State of Israel and the JNF dealing with JNF debts. The money will be used for projects aimed at reducing air pollution, energy efficiency, and improving the quality of life in Israel – especially in the periphery.

​The transfer of funds was approved on June 28, 2016. Among the projects to be funded with this money:

  1. Use of electric buses for public transportation in city centers;
  2. Adding solar panels to old buildings in the periphery, which will help fund their maintenance for at least two decades;
  3. Energy efficiency projects in the periphery;
  4. Funding of electric taxis in an effort to reduce air pollution;
  5. Projects to integrate electric cars on Israeli roads in city centers;
  6. Funding the installation of particulate filters on diesel-fueled garbage trucks; and
  7. The rehabilitation of contaminated rivers.


MoEP Director General Yisrael Dancziger: "We have set a target for ourselves at the Ministry of Environmental Protection, to help those in need and to reduce gaps in Israel… We are pleased to be delivering significant amounts of money to the public, which will cause a real change for Israeli residents. We will continue to run groundbreaking programs aimed at reducing pollution and environmental risks in the country."