The Knesset on Tuesday held an event honoring female members of the IDF and security forces, with the participation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, President of the Supreme Court Miriam Naor, members of Knesset, as well as hundreds of female IDF soldiers and officers. The event, titled ”Women of Valor,” was held at the initiative of MK Anat Berko (Likud).

”The history of the Jewish People is full of female role models, as you are today,” Netanyahu told the soldiers. ”I am thrilled to see the professionalism, determination and ability of female soldiers in the air, land and sea and in every part of the IDF.”

The PM commended female soldiers and police officers who saved lives in recent terrorist attacks, including Hadar Cohen who was killed at the Damascus Gate last year.

Knesset salutes women in the IDF and security forces; PM: ”You are the future IDF chiefs of staff”

”On behalf of the entire Israeli nation, I wish to thank you for your truly exceptional contribution. We salute you. You are the future IDF chiefs of staff,” he said.

Edelstein said that while ”we have come a long way in the integration of female soldiers, but there is still more to strive for.” The Knesset Speaker mentioned the dramatic increase in the number of religious women who join the army. ”As a religious person, I think I should say to the rabbis of religious Zionism and its educators: Don`t stand in the way of the enlisting girls. Embolden them; encourage them to serve their country in the most significant way they choose. Be proud of these girls; our soldiers. I`m convinced that all sides will benefit from this.”

During the event, a panel discussion was held with six combat female soldiers on ”meaningful service in the IDF and the security forces.”

As part of the special day, the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee discussed the contribution of women in the IDF, and the Education, Culture, and Sports Committee held a meeting on ”preparing women for service in the IDF and the security forces.”

Later in the day, the Knesset plenum held a special debate honoring female members of the IDF and the security forces.