At the ceremony were senior officers ranks give stands. Commissioner Ronnie relations 212: “we are convinced that the new tpkidichs using highest standards (b) ceremony was held and the appointments of senior police officers.
Israel give degrees.
The ceremony took place in the presence of
The Minister of public security, ardan, the Chief of police, ” Chief Ronnie RNA alshich, the management and staff
Senior Israel Police, family members, guests, and of course the stairs:

תנ”צ Yigal Ben Shalom, aged 51, was appointed commander of the blade יאחב”ל
433. in recent roles, he served as Mayor from questioning in southern head, who from investigations.
Assuming Rosh infrastructure arm Center Biel, Commander ימ”ר, a graduate of the College.
National security.

Yitzhak Saban תנ”צ, 50, was appointed commander of Jenin. Chairman
The latter served as head: 1 in חטמ”ר, Deputy Commander of the South
In Majdal, Deputy Commander of border police in Jerusalem, border police commander חטמ”ר Beach,
The Commander of the Jeep.

תנ”צ tzovari, 47-year-old einat Gil, was appointed as head of Department Security Division
The performers. In recent roles as spokeswoman for southern province of meta, mp
Chief אק”מ officer, central province, head of community policing.

Joseph Ben תנ”צ, 54, was appointed Deputy Head of Operations Directorate. Roles
Last served as head of the Ministry, patrol: 1 officer, Chief Superintendent, traffic: 1
The malmad, Commander of the Northern Valley regional station, Commander of local station: 1 officer, and Nazareth
North District.

Villa תנ”צ, 54 years old, was appointed Deputy Head of division headquarters unit
And intelligence investigations. In recent roles, he served as head of intelligence faction, who representative
Police in Thailand, head of SIGINT in fireplace, head of SIGINT in the fireplace, and
433. יאחב”ל the blade

Uzi Levi תנ”צ, 57 years old, was appointed Deputy Commander of the border police. Chairman
The latter served as the Commander of Judea and Samaria, ימ”ס, Deputy Commander of Headquarters space c
Judea, חטמ”ר, Commander in Chief of Jamaica outright.

Yaron תנ”צ, 50, was appointed the police computer. Chairman
Latter served as the computer thought on, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Ministry
Of Foreign Affairs.

The Police Commissioner, Ronnie relations 212: gave today ranks and appointments
For a bunch of quality officers. The promotion aims to ensure changes as part of the infrastructure
Qualitatively, the Sepp next earthly Israel Police. The relationship between trust officer for trust
The public is tight. Senior officer that his is that he is serving under his command, to serve
Well, as we expect the strategic plan prevention and management focus “.

He later also turned the 212 officers ranks and said: ״אנו of test takers
Values-based leadership. Professional values, mission, and values of service, especially humility.
And modesty. We are proud of you, convinced you do in new tpkidichs, and using example
And an example for proper ExampleFor your men and public.

The Minister of public security, ardan: ״אנו promote Israel police reforms to improve
Public utility and increased confidence in the police, and I’m sure the commanders who lead more today
Successfully complex challenges such as securing public spaces against terrorist threats, border layout
A transparent, strengthening security in the streets and others. “

Translated from Hebrew