Kiryat Haim Beach clean after oil spill is treated Photo: Yael Shai

Oil Leak in Haifa Bay Area Treated, Cleaned
Kiryat Haim Beach clean after oil spill is treated
Photo: Yael Shai

A marine pollution incident in northern Israel has been treated. Oil had leaked out of a pipeline yesterday when it was accidentally struck during an operation to remove the pipe. But quick action on the part of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) and Petroleum & Energy Infrastructures (PEI), owner of the pipe, ensured that the oil didn’t flow very far in the sea, and that oil stains didn’t reach beaches in the area. Beaches in the area were closed after the spill. An announcement on their reopening is pending the approval of the Ministries of Health and Interior.

​The mishap occurred on July 5, 2016, when a ship taking part in the removal of five old, inactive PEI pipelines hit one of the pipes. The MoEP had advised people to stay away from beaches in the area as a result.

Work to remove the pipelines from the seabed will continue in coming months. The pipes were once used to import oil into Israel, but have been inactive for years. The MoEP requested that PEI dismantle them after one leaked in 2014, resulting in oil stains on Kiryat Haim Beach. The MoEP is monitoring the removal process.

PEI’s active pipeline transfers crude oil from Haifa Port to the company’s tank farm in Kiryat Haim.