Judge (ret.) Joseph Shapira submitted the annual Ombudsman`s Report to Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein on Monday. Shapira serves as both State Comptroller and Ombudsman.

Edelstein noted that the number of public complaints filed with the Ombusdman`s office last year – 15,000, marks an increase from 2014.

”This is a positive statistic which shows that the citizens are fighting bureaucracy and foolishness, but it also shows that there are many more issues which must be dealt with, particularly when a third of the complaints were found to be justified,” said the Knesset speaker.

Ombudsman`s report submitted to Knesset speaker: A third of the complaints filed by the public were found to be justified

(Submission of Ombudsman`s report)

”The complaints were handled in a professional, thorough and fair manner, and perhaps this will motivate citizens to file more complaints. I am certain that the people in the State Comptroller`s Office, whom I thank for their dedicated work, will provide the appropriate professional service wherever necessary.”

State Comptroller Shapira said, ”It is important that the public shows concern and is not willing to ignore [certain things]. There are companies where the percentage of justified complaints was [very high]. At the Israel Postal Company, for instance, some 69 percent of the complaints were found to be justified. It is important that the public is taking this matter seriously. It contributes to a better society.”

Shapira said that in 2015 he issued 20 orders which legally protect citizens who expose corruption. ”This is an above average [number of orders],” he noted.

State Control Committee Chairperson MK Karin Elharrar (Yesh Atid) said the report indicates that the complaints filed with the Ombudsman`s Office relate to the daily affairs of the country`s citizens. ”I call on all the government offices to [work together] so that corruption will gradually subside,” she said.