PM Netanyahu Meets with Kenyan Christian Supporters of Israel
Photo by Kobi Gideon, GPO 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today in Nairobi, met with Christian supporters of Israel. Following is an excerpt from his remarks:
"I am glad, I am glad I have the opportunity, the privilege really of coming to Africa to meet you.
We appreciate this friendship and we’re expanding it to the continent of Africa. Yesterday I had a remarkable meeting in Uganda hosted by the President of Uganda, six other African leaders including President Kenyatta there. Seven leaders from seven African countries talking about how to expand Israel’s relationship with their countries but with all the countries of Africa.
Israel is coming back to Africa. Africa is coming back to Israel.
And I believe that this is important for all Africans, all Africans, Christians, Muslims, all Africans.
We produce water. We have substantial decline in rainfall since the establishment of modern Israel. And our population had grown ten times and our GDP per capita has grown 40 times. We should have a big water problem but we don’t, we have a water surplus. We have a water surplus because we’ve developed ingenuity to overcome this.
And we are eager to share all of this with our African friends. This is the importance of this meeting.
I had an extraordinary meeting today and we’re still going to have an extension, this dinner tonight with President Kenyatta who is a real friend. And we intend to continue and expand this relationship here and in the other countries. But at the heart of it, the connection with the people is a very sound idea, it’s the right idea and that’s why I am expecting you in Jerusalem."