Cleared for release-Terror operative involved in Hamas’ tunnel efforts was arrested in a joint activity of the ISA, IDF and Israeli police during May, 2016. The 17 year old operative was a part of the Beit Lahiya battalion of Hamas’ military wing.

During the investigation, details regarding Hamas’ terror activities were revealed, including information about the recruitment process, training and details regarding other terror operatives from Hamas’ military wing. The perpetrator conveyed valuable information regarding Hamas activities in the northern Gaza Strip and especially Hamas’ offensive tunnels. Additional information was revealed regarding Hamas’ methods of building tunnels, communication within the tunnels and multiple digging locations intended to be used by Hamas ‘Nahba’ operatives to infiltrate Israel during conflict.

It was also revealed that Hamas is operating to establish multiple tunnels deep within the Gaza Strip connected to the offensive tunnels infiltrating Israel. It was revealed that Hamas has built numerous tunnels intended for facilitating the movement of terror operatives underground in the Gaza Strip. These tunnels have multiple entrances, some of them adjacent to civilian structures in the Gaza Strip including mosques and schools.