​Following the intervention of Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and Health Minister Ya’akov Litzman, the cornflakes reform will be launched immediately and will not be postponed by 4 months, as was previously decided in a meeting that took place in the Labor, Welfare and Health Committee in the beginning of the month.
As may be recalled, in the beginning of the month there was a meeting of the committee while the Finance Minister was abroad, in which it was decided to postpone the reform by 4 months, this without his knowledge and contrary to his opinion.
Upon returning to the country, the Finance Minister discussed the matter with the Health Minister and requested to move forward with the subject immediately.

Minister Litzman acceded to Kahlon’s request and instructed his office Director General, Moshe Bar Siman-Tov, to cooperate with the Finance Ministry’s office Director General, Shay Babad, in order to bring this saga to a conclusion as soon as possible. 
Following the agreement between the ministers, the Finance Ministry allocated for the Health Ministry all the necessary resources needed to formulate all the regulations required to implement the reform immediately.

On the coming Thursday at 10:00 the regulations will be brought up for the Labor, Welfare and Health Committee’s confirmation and afterwards the reform will be in effect.

The “Cornflakes Reform”
The “Cornflakes Reform” was promoted by Kahlon and Litzman as part of the 2015-2016 budget discussions. The reform, which was formulated by the Ministries of Finance, Health and Economy, was intended to increase the supply of imported food, to enable parallel import, to increase the competition and to lower the prices of imported food products.
The reform will apply to products such as breakfast cereals, biscuits, crackers, snacks, pasta, rice, as well as to other products and is expected to result in significant lower prices in the dry food market.