During an inspection that was conducted meat products that had not been properly handled were found in the “Acre Sausage company” butcher shop.

On June 30, 2016, an inspection of the northern district Health Bureau in cooperation with the sanitation and business licensing departments in the Acre Municipality and the Authority Veterinarian was conducted.
During the inspection of the butcher shop, meat and chicken products that were stored under poor sanitary conditions were found, part of them past their expiry date. In addition, products of unknown origin that had been produced, ground, packed and frozen on the premises with no manufacturer license and with no proper labeling were found.
Handling meat and chicken products, their storage and marketing which are not done according to the conditions required by the law may cause harm to public health.
On the instruction of the District Veterinarian, about 440 kg of meat and chicken products were destroyed.
The Ministry of Health and the Acre Municipality are taking enforcement measures against this food enterprise.