The Knesset on Monday held a ceremony in honor of Israel`s rescue organizations: United Hatzalah, rescue units and IsraeLife. Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, Opposition leader MK Isaac Herzog (Zionist Camp) and MKs Israel Eichler (United Torah Judaism) and Nurit Koren (Likud) spoke at the event.

Knesset Speaker Edelstein said, ”Volunteer and rescue organizations are a praiseworthy phenomenon and unique in their extent. Thousands of volunteers are already a part of the Israeli landscape, which unfortunately suffers from emergency events. In every country, the government cannot reach out to each citizen and individual, and that is where the volunteers come in.”

Knesset honors rescue organizations; Speaker Edelstein: ”Thousands of volunteers are an inseparable part of the Israeli landscape”

(Speaker Edelstein during the event)

”The Knesset represents all of the nation`s layers and is actually `the nation`s home`; I wanted to bless you in the name of hundreds of thousands of people who receive your help. Thank you also in the name of all Knesset members for what you do each day,” he told the representatives of rescue organizations who attended the event, which was held in Dov Shilansky Auditorium.

Supporting his words, MK Herzog said, ”Rescue organizations are great organizations which I have met with during my days as the Minister of Welfare. We know how difficult it is to volunteer, but this is an important contribution for the security of Israel. I call on you to carry on this crucial operation.”

MK Koren added that ”On this day the Knesset of Israel and the entire nation salute all volunteers, whose volunteer spirit enabled them to establish a body which includes thousands of volunteers from all layers of the society and sectors, a human defense shield, which provides help to the population on a daily basis and in emergencies.”

MK Eichler said ”I see volunteers from all religions and groups, and that is the beauty of your organization. We have a great generation of volunteers. Even though it is always said about the Haredi population that they take and do not give, you prove that you not only give but you motivate many volunteers.”