The Knesset hosted on Monday the first conference of the Leading Environmentalists Forum in the Justice Ministry.

The forum consists of 100 Justice Ministry employees who are responsible for overseeing the implementation of the ministry`s environmental plan in various buildings throughout the country.

The conference was held in the Dov Shilansky Auditorium as part of the effort to learn and adopt the principles of Knesset`s ”Green Knesset” environmental project, which was launched two years ago.

Knesset hosts Justice Ministry`s Leading Environmentalists Forum

Knesset Director-General Albert Sakharovich told the conference, ”The importance of the Knesset`s flagship `Green Knesset` project, as envisioned by Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, lies in the fact that it exposes social-environmental work to the public.”

The Knesset is the ”People`s Home,” Sakharovich said. ”This is not just a slogan or statement. The Knesset is an open, vibrant home which contains a lot more than politics and legislation. The project`s main purpose is to have others emulate the most important institution in the State of Israel, which is implementing a series of measures aimed at increasing [the public`s awareness] of sustainability.”

”Due to the project, the Knesset has become a model for many parliaments around the world. Israeli organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, also learn from us. Each week people from such organizations come to the Knesset to learn about the project. I wish you all much success in this project, and I am waiting for an invitation to take a tour of the `green Justice Ministry,`” the director general added.

Ministry of Justice Director-General Emi Palmor thanked the Knesset for hosting the forum and said, ”The Justice Ministry considers itself a social ministry, and therefore we are trying to understand – beyond the daily work – where is our corporate responsibility for the manner in which we operate. The Ministry has 70 sites across the country, and the people who are present there are representatives of the units that have been selected to be environmental leaders in their respective ministries. I expect you all to be environmental influencers and change the agenda with regards to this issue.”