The nine-to-five workday is no longer the norm in this day and age. Work days are lengthening due to the growing ease of communication and internet access. With the progression in this direction, a big question today is how to create a productive and positive environment for these hard-working employees. In the navy, the answer is simple: teamwork.

“We are soldiers that work with machinery and like with any machinery, you need each part to work in perfect harmony in order to move forward.” Sgt. Amit S.  Find out how to build a team from the men who do it best.

Equalize the weight

Nothing should be done alone. When one person is carrying one end of a rope, his friend is right behind him sharing the weight. “Think about the good of the community before your personal gain,” said Staff Sgt. Tomer R. A stronger connection is inevitable when individuals physically carry a load together.

5 Tips to building a strong team from our Navy

Root for one another

Though not every crewman can be involved in every step of the process, it does not mean he stands idle. While one member is hard at work, the others are close by supporting in any way they can.  Our patrol boat sailors practice being an active observer. When one sailor is pulling in the rope, the others are cheering him on.“The definition of teamwork is to always be there for one another, to worry about the other, just as a friend would do,” said Staff Sgt. Tomer R.

5 Tips to building a strong team from our Navy

Eat together

No one eats until everyone eats. This means that even if it is 10:30 pm, after a 6 hour live-fire exercise at sea, the entire crew waits to sit down together to eat. “We live together, hang out together, eat together, work together. We are a family,” said Staff Sgt. Avior D.  For centuries, food is what has brought people together. Our navy continues this tradition today.

5 Tips to building a strong team from our Navy

Listen and Learn

“The definition of teamwork for me is being there for one another, through the good and the bad, to support, and to listen,” said Staff Sgt. Avior D. Be a friend.  It’s as simple as that. Really get to know your counterparts. Once the soldiers understand the backgrounds of their crewmen, they gain a deeper understanding.  “In the framework of the position, each one of us learn about ourselves and about others, about our strengths and our weaknesses, and that is how we can work in the optimal fashion.” said Staff Sgt. Ido B.

5 Tips to building a strong team from our Navy

Be patient

Unity isn’t something that comes naturally. “Even though each one of us has a different job, comes from a different place, or works with a different device, we need to work together,” said Sgt. Amit S. It doesn’t happen in a day. But with patience and hard work, it’s possible. And the word is insurmountable.