The preparations for the arrival of the “Adir” (F-35I) are in full swing: the aircrews from the “Golden Eagle” Squadron are currently in the midst of conversion training in the USA, the jets are undergoing test flights and here in Israel, the infrastructure is being built with a renewed vigor. Now, the division which will lead the IAF into the fifth generation, has received its official new symbol

Zohar Boneh

Three months before the long expected landing of the first two “Adir” (F-35I) jets in Israel, the “Adir” Division’s new symbol has been revealed. “The symbol is of a modern design and expresses the division of the future”, shared Ra’anan Weiss, a graphic designer who has a long standing professional relationship with the IAF and who designed the new symbol.

While most symbols in the IAF are circular, the “Adir” patch is a pentagon. “In accordance with the requests of the ‘Golden Eagle’ Squadron establishment team, the symbol has five sides and symbolizes the fifth generation”.

Proud to Present: The “Adir” Division Symbol

The new “Adir” Symbol

Following much thought and the examination of ten different symbols, the current symbol, which expresses the characteristics of the stealth strike fighter, was chosen. “The black color represents night activity, stealth and mystery. The patch is framed in grey, the color of the F-35I itself”.

The symbol is also made of a special material: most IAF patches are embroidered, while the new symbol is made of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) which makes it more resistant to wear and tear and to dirt. Besides these practical advantages, PVC has design related advantages as well, such as the creation of a 3D effect and the ability to add glow-in-the-dark elements, specifically, the name of the aircraft.

Proud to Present: The “Adir” Division Symbol

Photography: Mor Tzidon

The Spearhead
As stated, the first two “Adir” jets will land in Nevatim AFB in three months. With the new patch on their arms, the ground and air crews continue preparing for its arrival.

The “Adir” is to be the spearhead of the IAF. It is equipped with advanced avionics, intelligence and surveillance systems in addition to its attack capabilities and is of course the first stealth aircraft to serve the IAF.