American fighter jets will operate laser weapons, a possible answer to Bermuda triangle disappearances has been found, the “Schiaparelli” EDM lander crashed on Mars, a new law has prohibited the use of hovercrafts in Sweden and Indian made simulators. A global look that the past month’s events in aviation

Noa Wollman

Playing with Fire
General Atomics will begin testing a new kind of weapon: a 150 kilowatt class laser. “The technology is ripe for application on an AC-130”, said Lt. Gen. Bradley Heithold, head of Air Force Special Operations Command in an interview with Breaking Defense. For example, the silent, invisible beam might be used prior to a hostage rescue mission, to covertly disable motor vehicles, boats, airplanes or any other “escape mechanism” an enemy might use to move the hostages or flee from U.S. forces, he added.

According to Heithold, “The reason that I want it on an AC-130 is, right now, when an AC-130 starts firing kinetic weaponry, everybody knows you’re there. What I want on the airplane is to be able to silently disable something.”

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Photo by: The Aviationist

Disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle: The Results of Air Bombs?
For decades, the area named the “Bermuda Triangle” was the origin for carious conspiracy theories, as a result of a series of alleged disappearances that occurred in the area. At least 75 unexplained aerial accidents occurred in the area, and hundreds of ships were said to have disappeared or sunk in the so called triangle.

Now, meteorologists researching the triangle, which is positioned between the Bermuda Islands, Florida and Puerto Rico, have found the reason for the unusual number of incidents that occurred in the area. According to them, the region is covered by unusual, hexagonal-shaped clouds that act as “air bombs”. These clouds create winds that reach up to 275 kilometers per hour that act as “air bombs” that sink ships and down planes.

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Alone on Mars
The “Schiaparelli” EDM (Entry, Descent and Landing Demonstrator Module) lander, that was launched toward Mars last March was supposed to be the first European representative on the “red planet” but this month, while landing, the module’s parachute disconnected sooner than planned and the engines failed. The “Schiaparelli” lander began a free fall that ended when it crashed into the face of the planet at a speed of 300 km/h. Image’s produced by NASA show the crater that the crash created on the face of Mars, about half a meter deep and 2.5 meters wide.

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Photo by: NASA

Drone No More
Bad news for Sweden’s aviation enthusiasts and photographers: The Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden has completely prohibited the operation of hovercrafts equipped with cameras or any other kind of recording equipment. The new law that came into force immediately defines the use of camera equipped drones as surveillance and in practice a breach of Swedish citizens’ right to privacy.

The only exceptions to the rule are expensive permits issued for individual sorties and law enforcement agencies.

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Indian Made Simulators
The Indian electronics manufacturer “Alpha Design” plans to build three hi-tech simulators for the Indian Air Force, in order to train the pilots to fly helicopters and fighter jets. The production of the simulators is part of a comprehensive initiative to promote local production in the security sector called “Make in India”. Until now, the Indian Armed Forces bought simulators from foreign countries and the three expected simulators will be the first locally manufactured simulators.

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