A first-of-its-kind maintenance training center, based in Nevatim AFB, was inaugurated this week and will allow “Adir” (F-35I) technicians to rehearse various scenarios in a manner never before seen in the IAF

Zohar Boneh

The “Adir” (F-35I) Maintenance Training Center in Nevatim AFB, the first F-35 maintenance training center outside of the U.S and the first of its kind in the IAF was inaugurated this week. “This is a different and advanced instruction concept, adapted to the fifth generation”, said Maj. Yaniv, an officer from the IAF Material Directorate. “It is equipped with systems that speak for themselves and provide new instruction capabilities”.

“Adir” Maintenance Training Center Inaugurated

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3D Stealth
The center is divided into instruction classes in which each cadet can participate in frontal instruction style lessons or work independently and a simulator that is composed of two screens which provide a 3D view of the jet and allow the cadets to train for different scenarios. Beside it lays a laptop which is an exact copy of the computer which escorts the technicians in their daily work routine. “The trainee will see the wheels and bolt moving and the shadow he makes”, described Maj. Tzachi Gino, Commander of the Maintenance Training Center. “As a result, when the technicians step up to the aircraft for the first time, they’ll not only know what to do, but what it’s supposed to look like”.

According to Maj. Yaniv, “The simulator is built to make the cadet feel like he is standing in front of the aircraft”. In addition, it enables the cadets learn while being accompanied by instructors who supervise and oversee their performance. “The computer supervises the technicians’ work and warns them when they operate incorrectly or make security mistakes”, shared Maj. Tzachi.

“Adir” Maintenance Training Center Inaugurated

Photography: Celia Garion

25 Professions, One Place
No less than 25 different technical professions will be studied in the new training center, some of which are unique to the “Adir”. “We train technicians of all levels, from their first steps to senior technicians”, said Maj. Tzachi. “Everyone will come back to the training center in order to maintain their fitness for various missions”.