The Bank of Israel Annual Report for 2016 is being published today, after being presented by the Governor to the President, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.


Annual Report

Governor’s letter


receiving the Report, President Reuven Rivlin said:

state of Israel’s economy is, without a doubt, good.  The government finished
2016 with a deficit significantly lower than the deficit ceiling set out in the
budget.  The bottom line of the Bank of Israel’s Annual Report is that the
Israeli economy is showing signs of strength relative to other economies, and
came through the global crisis well.  At the same time, not everything is

are a number of weak points in the Israeli economy, and we must therefore
monitor economic processes closely as we move forward, improve and lead.

believe in the importance of maintaining the independence of the central bank,
whether in setting monetary policy, as economic advisor to the government, or
in supervising the stability of the financial system.

would like to thank you, Madam Governoer, and you, the Bank of Israel’s staff,
for this important and comprehensive report.  Well done!”