the authority of the Increasing Competition and Reducing Concentration in the
Banking Market Law, a Committee to Examine Competition in the Credit Market was
established.  The Committee is entrusted
with monitoring the implementation of the provisions of the law and
recommending measures to improve and increase competition in the credit market;
conducting periodic examinations of the state of competition in the credit
market and identifying barriers to the development of competition in that
market; and making recommendations to the Minister of Finance and to the
Governor of the Bank of Israel regarding the use of authorities to separate
Cartisey Ashrai LeIsrael – CAL from Bank Discount.


of Finance Director General Shai Babad and Head of the Bank of Israel Research
Department Prof. Nathan Sussman, joint Chairmen of the Committee, published the
criteria by which the success of increasing competition in the financial market
will be determined for public comments, in order to involve the public in the
process and to improve the Committee’s work. 
Based on these criteria, the Committee will write a semi-annual report
that will be submitted to the Knesset Economics Committee.


examination of the competitive state of a certain market is a complex examination,
which requires that attention be paid to many components.  The Committee proposes to monitor a large
number of criteria, including criteria for the removal of entry barriers and
barriers to moving customers, criteria examining the entry of new competitors
and customer activity, criteria for the distribution of market segments and
concentration levels, and criteria for changing prices or quantities in the
credit market.


order for the public to be able to express is positions, a draft of the
criteria has been published on the Ministry of Finance website, so that anyone
interested can read the criteria document and, if necessary, submit their
position in writing (not more than 3 pages) to Itzik Daniel by email at t until May 23, 2017.