​At the initiative of the Ministry of Health, a new site containing digital databases of clinical studies has been uploaded to the Internet and is available on the Internet for every user


Prof. Eyal Schwarzberg, Director of the Department of Pharmacy and Enforcement at the Ministry of Health: "We are proud and excited to present to the general public the clinical trial site that has been characterized and developed for patients wishing to participate in clinical trials. The site is in Hebrew with a friendly and easy-to-use interface, and it is good news for anyone looking for treatments with innovative medicines and medical accessories   that are not yet available in the market or recognized in research treatments. The site is unique and places the patient in the center.

  • What is clinical research?
    Clinical research is a controlled trial, in which patients receive treatment according to the research program (the protocol). Treatment may be the administration of a drug, or the use of a medical device and may be the application of new technology, surgical procedure or any other treatment. Research is a fundamental and important part of the medical product approval process for extensive use. New drugs and technologies can save lives or improve quality of life, on the other hand, the safety of these innovations must be verified.
    New treatments should be thoroughly tested. Before offering patients to participate in the study and try innovative treatment, the product is tested under controlled conditions in the laboratory. Only when results are clear and promising do we advance in development, and start clinical research.
    Before the Ministry of Health and its counterparts in the world, approve the use of new products, it is necessary to carry out clinical trials – that will prove the safety and efficacy of the products before they are marketed.
  • Digital database of clinical studies
    The digital database of clinical studies contains information about clinical studies (human studies) conducted at the various medical centers in Israel. The purpose of the database, which is maintained by the Ministry of Health, is to make available the latest information in clinical research conducted in Israel today. The database is designed and developed for patients and their families seeking information about clinical research and / or interested in participating in the research as well as researchers and health professionals and the general public. The information presented on the site is in Hebrew and is accessible and simple.
  • What information can be found in the database?
    The database contains a wide range of clinical studies that examine interventions (drug, behavioral change, procedure) for various diseases and health conditions. All the studies presented in the database were approved by the Helsinki committees at the various medical centers and the information about them is updated by the research initiators.
    Information on the research presented in the database includes details of the disease/medical condition, the intervention examined, the manner in which the study was conducted, the criteria for inclusion/exclusion in the study, and the list of centers in which the study was conducted and contact details were the patients can check their suitability and get more details. The site is updated regularly. Research results are not published on the site.

The database is a collaboration of the Pharmacy and Enforcement Division and the Digital Health Division of the Ministry of Health, together with the Israel Digital Headquarters in the Ministry of Social Equality.

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A New Site Containing Digital Databases of Clinical Studies has been uploaded to the Internet and is Available on the Web for Every User