​Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman, Director-General of the Ministry of Health Moshe Bar Siman Tov, and Dr. Vered Ezra, head of the Medical Management of the Ministry of Health, arrived again today at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem to meet the new doctors in the Hemato-Oncology Department. The re-deployment of the hospital and the treatment provided to the children.


The Minister of Health highly praised the new doctors: Dr. Paulina Stepansky, Dr. Gal Goldstein, Dr. Yossi Lavar, Dr. Iris Kwonzel, Dr. Amos Toren, and Dr. Eitan Kerem for their complete enrollment and their great professionalism that will be maintained for the benefit of the patient children, keeping the continuum of treatment of the highest quality.

The Minister announced that his promise of additional beds would be implemented despite the difficulty, and that the outline he had prepared as a document of instructions between the Ministry and Hadassah Hospital would be fully implemented.

The Minister stressed that "it is regrettable that the plan was rejected by the doctors who resigned and that it is now the responsibility of the hospital to take care of the children through the new staff that was recruited for this purpose. We are here with renewed strength and a sense of great mission, with a vision for the future in the best interests of the dear children and devoted parents”.
The Director General of the Ministry of Health Moshe Bar Siman Tov added: "There is here an ‎amazing team of excellent and dedicated doctors committed to providing the best treatment for ‎the children. We at the Ministry are here to give them all the backing for it. It is important for me ‎to clarify that from our point of view, in this crisis between Hadassah and the doctors, we chose ‎the children’s side. We call upon all parents to trust the new medical staff. The line that guides ‎the Minister of Health and me all along the way is that we and all the other relevant parties must ‎neutralize the foreign considerations and the background noise, and focus only on the best ‎interests of the children and their best interests are at Hadassah‏. "‏

Regarding the subject of the field hospital, it is important to emphasize that under the Act (Public Health Regulations) an oncology clinic must have a license to ensure the safety of medical care for patients.
From the medical point of view, the children should be treated in a hospital. At Hadassah, a ‎department of more than 40 staff members and five additional doctors is prepared to treat at any ‎time any child at the appropriate conditions.‎


A Professional Tour at the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Department at the Hadassah Hospital