​The Government Medical Centers Division (which was established by the Ministry of Health and is the owner and managing body of the 24 governmental medical centers) has been holding central negotiations with the four HMOs in recent months to sign accounting agreements for the next three years in general and geriatric hospitals.In recent days, agreements have been signed with three HMOs: Clalit Health Services, Maccabi Health Services and Leumit HMO.
The agreement with the HMOs constitutes a positive step for the Israeli health system by improving the response given to policyholders at the government medical centers, and will enable a more collaborative working interface with these HMOs and better service to the citizen by expanding options and maintaining continuity of care.
Another important innovation is that for the first time, these agreements will include, beyond the financial clauses, pure medical clauses aimed at improving the medical service provided to patients in the sequence of treatments between hospitals and HMOs this is done by seeing the patient as the centerpiece of the Ministry of Health’s policy.
It is important to note that the negotiations took place through teams appointed by the Medical Center Division and included representatives from hospitals and Division personnel.
Health Minister Rabbi Yaakov Litzman greet, "I am glad that the HMOs and the hospitals, in cooperation with the Division, reached an agreement and I am pleased that the agreement was signed. The last word has not yet been uttered, and with God help we will also sign the agreement with the fourth HMO."
Moshe Bar-Siman Tov, Director-General of the Ministry of Health, added: "I congratulate the Government Division for hospitals for effective action in full cooperation with the HMOs, which is an example of the added value of the division."