The Ministry of Health has received a report from Pfizer about the suspected counterfeit of the IBRANCE product, following the report of one patient who noticed a difference in the color of the remedy.
The product is intended for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. The product is registered and marketed in Israel, but is not included in the health services basket. The product is available for purchase with a doctor’s prescription through private pharmacies.
The Health Ministry launched a vigorous investigation into the case. The product was transferred to laboratory tests and enforcement and inspection activities were carried out in several locations.
Patients taking the IBRANCE remedy are asked to check that they have the original product.

If the product is not original, call the Ministry of Health’s *5400 hotline and the oncologist.
The Ministry of Health will continue to update.
Details of the medication in the existing dosages:
  • Ibrance 125 mg: A sealed capsule, of a caramel color with the word "Pfizer" embedded in white at the top, and "PBC 125" at the bottom.
  • Ibrance 100 mg: A sealed capsule of a caramel color on the top in which it is embedded "Pfizer“ in white and the bottom is of an orange color with a "PBC 100" stamped on it.
  • Ibrance 75 mg: A sealed capsule, of an orange color, with the word "Pfizer" embedded in white at the top, and "PBC 75" at the bottom.
The pictures of the original pills and in the opposite side to the false pills

Fear of Counterfeit of the IBRANCE Remedy
Fear of Counterfeit of the IBRANCE Remedy

Round white pill – counterfeit (held in hand), while the originals are photographed on a page.