The United States Navy and the Israeli Navy have signed an agreement to launch the first ever cadet exchange program to reinforce cooperation.

Israel, US navies to launch cadet exchange program

The agreement was signed during an official visit to the US by Maj. Gen. Eli Sharvit, the Commander of the Israeli Navy, with his American counterpart Admiral John Richardson.

As of January 2018, Israeli Navy cadets will be sent to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis College in Maryland. American navy cadets will also train and study alongside Israeli soldiers in the prestigious IDF (Zahal) Naval Officers Course.

Israel, US navies to launch cadet exchange program

“The United States is one of Israel’s greatest partners, specifically of the Israeli Navy,” said Lt. Col. Assaf Boneh, head of the Israel Navy’s international coordination branch. “The United States is an important partner of the Israeli Navy in both naval exercises and acquisitions. We share intelligence and professional knowledge”

“This is the first time that Israeli cadets will be sent to the United States during their officers course,” said Lt. Col. Eli Socholitzky, commander of the IDF (Zahal) Naval Officers Course.

“This is another example of the long lasting collaboration between the United States and Israel. This relationship will become even stronger in the coming years,” he added.