​The publication "Leading Causes of Death 2000-2014" presents trends in mortality rates by cause of death, age, gender, and year in Israel. An international comparison is also presented to Europe, the US and Canada.

The publication was prepared in the Information Division of the Ministry of Health, as a continuation of the Ministry’s publications.


Main findings

  • Cancer, the first cause of death since 1999 among men and women. In 2014, cancer was 26% of all deaths, this is the first cause among women aged 15-74 and men aged 25 and older.
  • Heart disease, the second leading cause of death in 1999 among men and women. In 2014, heart disease accounted for 16% of all deaths, the first reason for women aged 75 and older, and the second reason for women aged 45-74 and men aged 45 and older.
  • In 2014, vascular disease in the brain was the third leading cause of death among women, a slightly higher rate of diabetes. In men, reverse ranking, diabetes ranked third and cerebrovascular diseases in fourth place.
  • In 2014, accidents were the first cause of death among boys aged 15-24, the second in boys aged 5-14 and girls aged 5-24, and the third at 25-44 in men and women.
  • Suicide is the second cause of death between the ages of 25-44 and the third at age 15-24 in both genders in 2014.
  • In recent years, perinatal causes and congenital malformations are the leading causes of death at 0-4 years, followed by accidents, which together account for about three-quarters of all deaths aged 0-4.
  • In the past decade, there has been a decline in mortality rates for most causes of death, especially heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, accidents and COPD. On the other hand, dementia, sepsis, Alzheimer’s disease, pneumonia, influenza, and pneumonia have been associated with inhalation of fluids or solids.
  • Israel has the lowest number of deaths per age, compared to most of European countries, Canada and the United States, while Israel is ranked second among men in 23 countries, Switzerland has a lower rate and ranks 6th among women, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy and Canada recorded a lower rate.
  • The age-adjusted mortality rate is lower in Israel than in the US, Canada, and most European countries in cancer, heart disease, liver disease, Alzheimer’s, accidents and suicide, and cerebrovascular disease in most European countries. On the other hand, the rate in Israel is 5.0 times higher in blood, 2.6 times in kidney disease, 2.4 times in diabetes, and 1.9 times in hypertension than in the 15 EU countries.
The information in the publication is based on the registration of death notices according to the law of the Ministry of the Interior. The symbol cause of death was carried out by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), according to the death certificate issued by the doctor who determined the death and updates from other sources, the publication shows the underlying cause of death, which led to the chain of events which caused the death or circumstances that led to the fatal injury, which was chosen by the CBS for the reasons of death recorded by the doctor in the death notice according to the definitions and rules in the classification of international illnesses. In addition, information is presented on the multiple causes of death, including all the causes of death mentioned in the death notice.