​The Ministry of Health has released emergency inventory and has ordered additional vaccines for immediate delivery in order to ensure a full response to the population




In addition, the traveler’s clinics personnel was increased in order to provide a longer service hours to the population.

Due to the large workloads in the hospital clinics, the HMO (Health Fund) and the health offices, the following are the guidelines for the next two weeks:

  1. As stated above, routine immunizations continue as usual
  2. Due to the encumbrance – the vaccination will be given by priority:
    For those born in 1957-1970 who are scheduled to fly to one of the seven countries: Romania, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium and Ukraine in the coming month and who have at least 10 days to travel
  3. Once a person gets vaccinated, it takes 10 to 14 days to develop an immune defense!    
        (The vaccine is not effective during the interim period).
  4. One dose of vaccination gives about 95% protection from the disease
  5. An appointment can be scheduled as required at the Voice of Health Center *5400. Medical priority applicants will have an urgent appointment. And the rest according to availability of queues.
  6. Vaccinations are given in the following clinics.
  7. We reiterate that there is a stockpile of vaccines and additional vaccines have been ordered for security.
  8. Updated information can be found immediately at the Ministry of Health website and on the ministry’s Facebook page.‎