​The Ministry of Health continues to receive reports of hepatitis A infection among men who have sex with men. It should be noted that reports of an increase in hepatitis A infection are also reported among men who have sex with men in European countries and in the United States.

In light of the increase in morbidity, the Ministry of Health reiterates its recommendation to men who have sex with men, and who have not had the disease and who have not been immunized in the past, to receive the vaccination against the disease.

Hepatitis A (hepatitis A) is a disease transmitted from person to person not only by food infected with the virus, but also through oral sexual contact. The disease is manifested in weakness, impaired liver function, and a typical yellow-colored skin, and recovery from it is prolonged. The disease can be prevented by vaccination.

The Ministry of Health calls on men who have sexual relations with men to contact their health care providers or health offices for the vaccine.

The vaccine against hepatitis A is available free of charge during the hours of public reception at the health clinics in all the health bureaus around the country, except for the Tel Aviv office and the sex clinics of the Ministry of Health in Tel Aviv and Haifa. In the Health Clinic in Tel Aviv, due to the increase of Hepatitis A cases among the above-mentioned community, the immunization clinic will be open twice a week, on the afternoon on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 16:00-18:00, the vaccination is given free of charge and without previous appointment.

  • Details of reception hours at various bureaus