Moshav Takes Steps Against Pollution After Receiving Orders from Ministry
The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) has issued an administrative order after finding piles of pruning waste in Moshav Talmei Elazar, some of which had fires burning within them. MoEP officials went to the site, northwest of Hadera, on May 20th, after receiving complaints from residents about air pollution and strong odors in the area. Smoke and gases were being emitted from the waste piles.

​Ministry inspectors demanded that local authorities extinguish the fires and remove the waste. The next day however, inspectors found that the environmental hazard had not been dealt with. They then issued administrative orders to the Menashe Regional Council and to the local Talmei Elazar council, using the authority given to it through the Clean Air Law. They ordered that all fires be fully extinguished within 24 hours, and that all waste be moved to an authorized site within seven days. They also prohibited the disposing of any more waste at the site.

The MoEP takes this matter very seriously, and will continue to monitor the implementation of the order.