​Yesterday, May 17th, 2017, a stray dog tested positive for rabies. The dog was found wandering in agricultural area about one kilometer Northeast from the town Tamra in the Gilboa, about half a kilometer South of Route 65.
Anyone who came in contact with a dog of a mixed breed, brown color, medium to large size, between the 6th-16th of May, 2017 is urged to go to the Health Bureau closest to your home as soon as possible in order to determine if medical treatment is necessary to prevent rabies.
Parents of children are asked to clarify with them if they came in contact with suspicious animals and to contact the Health Bureau.
The Ministry of Health would like to remind the public that in the event of an animal bite or scratch, to immediately wash the area with soap and plenty of running water, to apply a disinfectant to the affected area, and to refer to the nearest Health Bureau to evaluate the need for preventative treatment against rabies.