​Yesterday, 27/05/17, a notice was received about a rabid domestic dog in the village of Samia, near Ma’alot in the Western Galilee.


Description of the dog: A two-year-old dog, a German-mixed black-gray shepherd.

The Ministry of Health requests that anyone who has been in contact with or in possession of animals who have come into contact with the infected dog, from 10/05/17 to 24/05/17, please contact the Health Office in Acre, telephone 04-9955138, or the Health Office nearest to his place of residence, in order to examine the need for preventive treatment for rabies.
After work hours and during the weekend, go to the nearest hospital emergency room.
The Ministry of Health wishes to transmit the information about the event to travelers and vacationers in the area and in the nearby villages. 
Parents of children are asked to inquire their children, whether they have been in contact with suspicious animals and to contact the Health Office.
Pet owners are requested to contact their veterinarian to verify their immunization status.
The Ministry of Health reminds once again of someone who has been bitten or scratched by an animal, to immediately rinse the area with running water and soap, disinfect using disinfectants and go to the Health Office to see if there is a need for preventive treatment against rabies.