Those who are expected to draft to security forces from July 2017 and on will be able to use the IDF (Zahal)’s “Stars Card” to purchase personal and winter items of their choice, according to a predetermined budget.

The launch of the new “stars” card is the second step in the IDF (Zahal)’s equipment overhaul, as a part of a greater trend to improve the conditions of services for IDF (Zahal) soldiers.

Recruits will receive a “Stars Card” to purchase personal equipment

The card will accompany the recruit through the drafting process and through the first year of service. Through the card, soldiers will be able to purchase equipment in civilian chains, with a variety of quality items at the best price.

What’s the process for obtaining a card?

About 14 days before their enlistment date, the conscript will receive a message to their cell phone regarding their entitlement to the “Stars Card.” The conscript will enter the link attached to the message and approve the terms of service. Afterwards, the conscript will receive an additional message, containing a link to the digital card with a “stars” budget.

The conscript can then visit the the marketing networks that accept the card, display the digital card along with identification, and purchase equipment using their “stars.”

Who is entitled to “stars?”

A soldier who is entitled to additional stars will receive a message detailing the additions and types of stars.

In the event that a security service recruit has not actually enlisted and used some or all of their “stars,” the IDF (Zahal) may demand the cost of the “stars” back.

What kinds of “stars” are there?

  1. “Personal Stars” – for the purchase of underclothes (underwear, undershirts, socks, etc.) and winter items.
  2. “Sports Stars” – for the purchase of equipment, clothing, and sports shoes to maintain physical fitness and health (starting March 2018).
  3. Money points (personal money) – allows you to receive discounts for purchases from your own money in the terms of the tender.

*Eligibility – until the day of discharge from the IDF (Zahal).

The Division Process Combat soldier Combat support soldier Soldier that serves on the home front
Pre-recruitment 215 215 215
After one month 815 335
After one year 485 145
Amount in stars 1,515 Stars 695 Stars 215 Stars
Equivalence to shekels 2,020 927 287

Items that the IDF (Zahal) recommends purchasing in the framework of the “Stars Card” (that won’t be given at the IDF (Zahal) Recruitment and Processing Center):


– White / Green T-Shirts – 4 shirts (one green)

– Socks – 5 socks (recommended 3 pairs of anti-bacterial socks)

– Towel

– Underwear

After enlistment (for combatants and combat supporters only):

– Sport shoes (combat soldiers only)

– Antibacterial socks

– T-shirts (olive-colored)

– Thermal leggings and undershirts – combat soldiers – 3 sets, combat support – 2 sets

– Towel

– Undergarments (underwear, bras, sport shirts, leggings)

* Combat soldiers will be able to use their “Stars Card” to purchase sports shoes as of March 2018.

Today, they may purchase sports shoes with a military voucher.

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