​The Standards Institute of Israel and the Ministry of Health maintain the safety and health of children: A safety standard for children’s jewelry was approved


The Jewelry Technical Committee of the Standards Institute has recently approved the proposed safety standard for jewelry.

The standard was prepared at the request of the Ministry of Health and applies to jewelry designed for children aged 12 or younger. This Israeli Standard adopts the American Standard ASTM F2923. The purpose of the standard is to ensure that jewelry intended for children will be safe to use. The standard refers, among other things, to the dangers arising from the use of materials containing heavy metals, as well as to the dangers that may arise from the structure of the jewel, such as swallowing small parts, magnets and the like.
The Ministry of Health worked to promote the standard after conducting an initiated examination of children’s jewelry in the Israeli market, in cooperation with experts from the Standards Institute and researchers from the University of Haifa, and funded by the Health and Environment Fund.
According to the results of the survey it was found that some of the children’s jewelry marketed in Israel contain a high level of lead and cadmium in comparison to that permitted by international standards. In addition, in some of the jewelry it was found high levels and deviations of nickel, arsenic and chromium. In some cases concentrations of two orders of magnitude (more than 100 times) and even three orders of magnitude (more than 1000 times) were found relative to the American/European standard for this product group.
The position of the Ministry of Health is that there is a serious risk to the public from jewelry with exceptional concentrations of heavy metals. Children, especially small children, tend to put objects in their mouths and even suck jewelry pieces. Therefore, the presence of heavy metals in a product intended for children may expose this sensitive population to significant health risks.
The Ministry of Health said that the promotion of this standard is another step in the Ministry’s ongoing efforts to protect the health and safety of children. The Ministry will work with the Ministry of Industry and Economics so that the standard will be declared official as soon as possible.
The Standards Institute said that due to the importance of the issue, the Standards Committee has advanced the preparation of the standard within a very short period of time, in order to ensure that the safety of the children is maintained.