​Support Criteria Test for the Distribution of Support Funds of the Ministry of Health to PublicInstitutions that help Patients in the Purchase with Discounts of Oncology Drugs that are not in the Medications Basket

In this days the Ministry of Health’s support criterion test is published for the distribution of funds to ‎support public institutions (other than HMOs) that help patients in the purchase with discounts of ‎oncology drugs that are not in the medications basket.
The budget allocated for this support test was reached within the framework of a coalition agreement between MK Dudi Amsalem and the Finance Ministry.
The threshold conditions in the test define the conditions of eligibility for support from the institutions that will submit a proposal for participation in the test, mainly the agreement of the institution with at least three pharmaceutical companies, or agreement with at least one company for at least six medicaments, were the company must give at least a discount of 15% of the maximum price of the medicament. The Ministry of Health will support an amount equal to the discount value, provided that the amount of support does not exceed 20% of the price of the medicament (so that the overall discount is expected to range between 30% and 40%).
The discount will be given to patients through the organizations that will participate in the aforementioned support test for medications on oncology that are not included in the health services basket for the indication requested in any treatment line.