• During the first quarter of 2017, the value of the public’s
    financial assets portfolio increased by about NIS 18 billion (compared with the
    balance at the end of 2016), to about NIS 3.46 trillion at the end of the
  • The increase in the portfolio value in the first quarter
    derived mainly from an increase in the balance of tradable corporate bonds an
    increase in the balance of investments in shares abroad, and an increase in the
    cash and deposits component. In contrast, there was a decline in the rate of foreign
    exchange assets, mainly as a result of the appreciation of the shekel during
    the quarter.
  • The value of the asset portfolio managed by institutional
    investors increased by about 1.3 percent (NIS 19 billion) in the first quarter
    of 2017, to about NIS 1.46 trillion. The increase was mainly a result of an
    increase in the cash and deposits, government bonds, and shares abroad
    components, and was partly offset by a decline in the value of bonds traded
  • In the first quarter of the year, there were net deposits in
    mutual funds totaling about NIS 3.3 billion.​ 

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