Ammonia Alternative Proposal Opinions
In accordance with the decision of Israel’s Supreme Court, regarding the ammonia storage tank in Haifa Bay, the State has filed a supplementary notice, including comments, presentations, summaries of hearings, and notices to the court.

​The court ruled in late May that the ammonia tank must be emptied by July 31st, due to the potential risk to the public, in the case of a leak or an attack on the facility. This after the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) refused to renew the poison permit for the tank’s operator – Haifa Chemicals – for the long term, bringing about the facility’s closure. Haifa Chemicals proposed bringing in the hazardous material in a small ship with low flow; the MoEP examined this alternative and found it is much less risky than the previous situation, in which large ships brought ammonia into the storage tank.

Below is a link to a supplementary notice (in Hebrew only) that includes comments and opinions from various third-party organizations and agencies with regard to the alternative solution.