Companies Survey for the second quarter of 2017 indicates that the business
sector growth rate declined somewhat, but remains relatively high. The net
balance remains positive, to a statistically significant degree, in the overall
business sector, but moderated relative to the balance in the previous three
quarters (Figure 1 and Table 1). The net balance in the manufacturing industry
is near zero and not statistically significant, it is negative and very
significant in the trade industries, positive but insignificant in the services
industry, positive in the construction and transport and communication
industries, and negative in the hotels industry.[1] In the
services and trade industries, expectations are for expansion in the next quarter,
while expectations in the manufacturing industry are that domestic demand will
stabilize and demand from abroad will increase.

[1] In some of the surveyed industries, such as construction
and hotels, there number of responses was small, and attention must be paid to
this in relating to the findings for those industries.


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