Conference the Ashdod port for Palestinian importers/exporters

On the 18.02, a conference was held in the Ashdod port for Palestinian importers/exporters, coordinated by the Civil Administration, COGAT. During the conference there was a tour of the port, lectures on different aspects related to Palestinian trading and an open discussion was held on Palestinian import and export.     

Attending the conference were the deputy head of COGAT, Brig. Gen. Guy Goldenstein and the head of the Civil Administration’s civilian coordination branch, Lt. Col. Kobi Gertswolf. The conference was lead by the head the Civil Administration’s economic dept, Lt. Col. Moshe Bracha.

Around 100 Palestinian businessmen participated in the conference, at the head of which was the head of the Palestinian importers and exporters association, Muhammad Abu-Ein, representatives of USAID and UNCTAD, the acting CEO of the Ashdod port, Itzhak Blumenthal.

The conference is another of the Civil Administration’s ongoing efforts to advance and develop the Palestinian economy, in all its sections, as a part of the understanding that a stable economy enables a stable security situation in the area. Over the last year the Civil Administration coordinated an import/export course for 20 Palestinian businessmen working in trade that took place in the Israel Export Institute. In addition the Civil Administration develops projects in other areas for example: in agriculture the CA coordinated with the USAID in advancing a project for Palestinian farmers to grow strawberry crops. Over the last year the Civil Administration financed and coordinated 4 professional courses and workshops for over 150 Palestinians.