​The Ministry of Health presents the forefront of technology: a technological connection to receive on-line information about congestion in Emergency Medicine Departments (EMD) in hospitals

Following soon, part of the data will then be available in applications so that everyone can track the congestion in the emergency rooms.
Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman: "Reducing the congestion in Emergency Medicine Departments is a top priority, and this is another step in the revolution that we are leading with transparency and improved service in the hospitals, and I expect the other hospitals that have not yet been connected to the national interface to do so immediately."
From a worldview that uses advanced technology to promote public health, the Ministry of Health has initiated a connection between the Emergency Medicine Departments (EMD) to computer monitors in order to follow from distance about the congestions there.
The data from the Emergency Medicine Departments will be transmitted in real time on the existing congestions to screens operated at the Ministry of Health’s control center, in the office of Health Minister Yaakov Litzman and the Director General of the Ministry of Health.
In the future, The Ministry plans to reflect data on waiting times in Emergency Medicine Departments in a designated application for the entire population, so that anyone who has been summoned to the Emergency Medicine Department or received a queue number can monitor the congestions in the Emergency Medicine Department and know how to reach their turn. In the first step, 10 Emergency Medical Departments will be connected, there is a deployment plan for 4 additional EMD’s by the end of this year. The application for use by the therapists in the EMD for the purpose of improving work processes is still under development, as well as an additional application for the patient that reflects his queue status and his treatment plan (in stages of approval by the hospital managements)
Minister of Health Rabbi Yaakov Litzman: "We will do everything in order to reduce the congestion and we are using technological advance to improve the quality of service and reduce unnecessary procrastination." Through the innovative system, I can follow from the control center in the office and follow the congestion in real time and immediately.


Congestion Information System in Emergency Medicine Departments


of Health Rabbi Yaakov Litzman and members of the ministry staff who are
partners in setting up the system