​The Ministry of Health announces the destruction of meat in the butcher’s department at the Super Dekel supermarket on 1, Sulam Eldad Street, commercial center, Kiryat Arba

On 10.7.2017, an inspection was conducted in the butcher shop of the Super Dekel Supermarket on 1, Sulam Eldad Street, in the commercial center of Kiryat Arba, by representatives of the Jerusalem Health Bureau, with the participation of the municipal veterinary physician of the Kiryat Arba local council.

During the inspection, meat products were found who were produced without a manufacturer’s license and were produced and stored in poor sanitary conditions.
The handling, storage and marketing of meat products without the conditions required by legislation may harm public health.

In a joint order by the district veterinarian of the Ministry of Health and the municipal veterinary physician, 85 kg of meat products were destroyed.

The Ministry of Health and the local authority will continue to take enforcement measures, including legal measures against the food business.

The public is invited to consult the manual for the proper purchase of meat, poultry and fish from the Ministry of Health.