Import and Export Course for Palestinian Established Businessmen

Import and Export Course for Palestinian Established Businessmen

An import and export course for Palestinian established businessmen was held over the last month, funded and coordinated by the Civil Administration.

Date: 16.12.14     Author: The Civil Adminstration

 The course took place over 8 meetings at the import and export institution in Tel Aviv. 20 Palestinian established businessmen participated in the course, as well as tourism companies, moving companies, business realtors and more. The Participants came from cities all over Judea and Samaria such as Ramallah, Bet Lechem, Nablus and Hebron.

During the 8 meetings the participants were taught professional content on the business domain, specifically export, including marketing strategies, choosing markets for export, international market trends, established trading partnerships in the international market and more. They also underwent a workshop on product display and organizing business conferences.

The head of the Civil Administration, Brig. Gen. David Menachem attended the last meeting and announced [in Hebrew]: “this last period has not been simple, and has involved a number of difficult incidents, but in spite of this the economics in the Judea and Samaria area was stable, and we will do everything in our power to improve and develop the local economy”. He added: “We understand that a stable economy enables a stable security situation and leads to peace”.

The participant’s feedback on the course also reflects this message. Muhmad Kader, a Ramallah resident said [in Hebrew]: “The course was very informative and professional and this is extremely essential and relevant to Palestinian export. Both sides’ interests are to establish an economic partnership between Palestinians and Israelis to export abroad, learn from each other.”

Palestinian export is a main category in the local economy. Over the first half year of 2014 there was an increase of 90% in Palestinian export from Judea and Samaria in comparison to the first half year of 2013. This fact in reflected in Palestinian internal economy, in the decrease of 2% in Palestinian unemployment in the first half this year in comparison with the same period of time the previous year.

The course was successful, enriching and one of many that the Civil Administration held, financed and organized in the last year in fields such as: agriculture, planning, health, water, technology and more. We hope to continue these successful joint activities in the future.