Missions Statement:


In partnership with the IDF commanders, whilst firmly retaining independent professional discretion, the Military Advocate General’s Corps, a pioneering, leading and learning organization, will promote justice and disseminate the Rule of Law within the IDF, with a determination stemming from its officers’ strive for excellence, unity and integrity, in order to bring the IDF to full success on the legal front.


The MAG Corps:


The MAG is headed by the Military Advocate General, who is appointed by the Minister of Defense at the recommendation of the IDF’s Chief of Staff. The MAG essentially supervises and enforces the Rule of Law throughout the IDF and provides legal advice to the Chief of Staff and all divisions of the military, in areas relating to military, domestic and international law. Its mission is to instill the general principles of law and the values of justice in the IDF.

In fulfilling this task, it is the MAG Corps’ responsibility to aid the IDF in the following areas:

• Law enforcement in the armed forces.
• Supervising the disciplinary procedures in the IDF.
• Providing legal defense to soldiers standing trial in an IDF court martial.
• Providing legal advice to units and command authorities throughout the IDF.
• Providing legal advice on international and operational legal issues.
• Developing, teaching and implementing international and military law amongst IDF commanders and soldiers.