The Ministry of Health regulates the activities of MDA (Magen David Adom) and United Hatzalah (Yijud Hatzala) in order to create mutual cooperation for the purpose of saving lives
“The Ministry of Health published the Director General circular, which arrange the work procedures and cooperation between Magen David Adom and Yijud Vehatzala, in order to optimize and maximize the operations of the paramedics on call activity in the State of Israel for the benefit of the general public.

According to the procedure agreed upon with the cooperation of the two organizations, the Yijud Vehatzala paramedics on call will operate by sharing the information through the National Alert Center operated by MDA.
The management and transmission of the information, using the new technology, will enable the paramedics on call to be operated independently by the organizations to which they belong, but this time with full cooperation between the emergency centers.
At the same time, Yijud Vehatzala will be notified about the organization’s paramedics on call detected, and the center will contact them and check their departure for the event and send the information to MDA for the purpose of launching them and transferring the details of the event to them.
For this purpose, MDA is responsible for developing a common application that will operate as an integrated information center and for both organizations to make necessary adjustments to the application that will enable the operation of the paramedics on call in this format.
For the optimization of the process and in order for all emergency appeals to be channeled through the focus of national paramedics on call center, it was agreed by the parties that Yijud Vehatzala would cease public publication of its center.
As soon as an emergency call is received at the Yijud Vehatzala center, the center will send the details to the MDA center, and at the same time locate paramedics on call of Yijud Vehatzala and will send them to the event.
The Ministry of Health will supervise the implementation of the arrangement in front of MDA and Yijud Vehatzala. For this purpose, the Ministry will receive a detailed report on the scope of the incidents and additional data required for monitoring. 
In order to prevent damage to human life, until the application is implemented, the MDA center will proactively contact the Yijud Vehatzala center in every event of resuscitation (CPR) and lack of resuscitation (CPR) for the allocation of 2 additional paramedics on call to arrive to the emergency event site.
The Director-General’s circular was formulated following joint discussions initiated by the Ministry of Health together with all the parties over the past few months, based on the mutual esteem and mutual respect of MDA and Yijud Vehatzala that their vision is only save human lives.
Minister of Health Rabbi Yaakov Litzman congratulated MDA and Yijud Vehatzala on their important work in saving lives and on the willingness and agreement of the two organizations to cooperate in implementing the plan and operating the paramedics on call.